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Annadana is a non-profit organization that seeks to find, protect and preserve the seeds of our farmers/tribals. By supporting Annadana, you are proactively preserving this biodiversity; rich with flavor, beauty, history, and hope for the years ahead.

Your gift will Save, Grow, Share, Educate:

  • Save – Help safeguard the hot spots of diversity of crops and species
  • Grow – Ensure the yearly regeneration of rare food crops at our Conservation Farm, crops which are key to creating a healthy and resilient future.
  • Share – Provide free seed to farmers and gardeners to sustain their agricultural traditions through our Seed Exchange programs and melas
  • Educate – Meet the increased demand for educational outreach and support for individuals and communities seeking guidance in seed saving and tropical-land farming practices.
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If your donation is being made as a special gift for someone, please enter the complete name, address, telephone and email of the person. So that we can properly attribute your gift, let us know if it is for a special event (weddings, birthdays, etc.) or if it is an “in honor of” or “in memoriam of” gift.